What is a "Hiring System"?

Successful companies don't leave their talent acquisition to chance. Hiring without a well-defined system is like attempting to complete a complex puzzle in the dark – full of uncertainty and prone to errors. A strong hiring system does the following:

How to Find Good Employees – What Works, What Doesn’t


Job posting and recruitment marketing copy that compels more people, and the right people, to apply

credit: Daniel Yates


Distribution across job boards to capture the attention of those who are actively seeking change. Social media copy for those who are not looking, but open to exploring new horizons, or know of someone who is.

credit: Sunset Valley Construction


An organized and continually growing database of future hires

credit: Eppic Media


Digital prescreens, application reviews and interview guides that save you time and improve your hiring decisions

credit: Daniel Yates


A system that performs high-volume repetitive tasks for you

credit: BuildWitt


Everyone who takes the time to apply deserves a response. Personalized automated messaging improves candidate experience, offers clear and timely communication, reflects positively on your brand, and makes people more likely to apply again

credit: Eppic Media


A quick and easy way to move people through the process and visualize all of your candidate pipelines at a glance

credit: Eppic Media


All of the above combined into a system that allows you to save time, save money, and hire great people quickly

credit: Daniel Yates