Make Your Team Come True

Save time. Save money. Hire great people fast.

The construction industry is facing a workforce crisis – a skills shortage, a retiring generation, a negative societal stigma, personal safety risks, and mental health challenges. Yet, it is the most critical foundation of our society – food, water, shelter, power, and infrastructure. There is plenty of work, but filling jobs in this industry is especially challenging.

You know you have a hiring problem, but you don’t know how to fix it.


Do You Need a Hiring System?

If your answers are mostly "no," then yes you do:


Do you post on more than just Indeed?

Do you have a scalable process for managing more applicants?

Do you have a way to capture prospects even when not hiring?

Do you have hiring software (an ATS)?

Do you know what ATS to choose?

Do you know how to configure it for maximum efficiency?

Do you communicate with every applicant?

Do your job postings attract enough of the right applicants?

Does your social recruitment say more than just, “We’re hiring!”?

Are your interviews getting you the right hires?

Do you have the time to figure it all out?

Do you want to hire a 6-figure/yr Talent Acquisition Manager?