40,000+ Hours of Hiring Experience

After 20 years of hiring for Fortune 500 companies, I helped grow a startup serving the construction industry, then went out on my own to continue helping construction companies hire. I’ve experienced the frustration of working with broken hiring processes and built a few of my own.

Here's What People Say

Aaron Witt

CEO, BuildWitt

Shawna is a superstar in every regard!! We were lucky to find her and brought her on before we probably should've from a financial standpoint. We never questioned the decision. She was huge in helping us grow our business early on as we learned how to build a hiring process from scratch.

As we doubled in size and then again to about 75 full-time people, Shawna was there every step of the way, writing job descriptions, writing interview guidelines, training others how to interview, developing a system to screen for core attributes, and effectively communicating with all candidates. We were often flooded with applications and drinking out of a fire hose, but Shawna never asked questions—she kept moving. After we grew ourselves, she went on to help many of our customers do the same.

Construction companies desperately need better hiring practices to accommodate the next generation, and Shawna has the skills to make it happen. Unfortunately, we were a victim of our ambition and scaled back toward the end of 2022. Without the need for much hiring, we could no longer put Shawna's effort and knowledge to work. I recommend her to anyone serious about recruiting great people, hiring for more than resumes, and caring for people through the process. Not only is she great at her job, but she's a great human overall.

Jesse Gemberling-Johnson

Chief Talent Officer, MFCA

Benjamin Holmgren

Consultant, Kestaa

I got to watch Shawna in her element when we doubled the size of our team in ninety days, from 30 to over 60 people. She's not "a recruiter," just waiting to get a huge cut of the pie after placing a candidate. She helps you build systems to attract, hire, and onboard the kind of people you want on your team. The key difference? She builds the system that generates repeatable results.

She will teach you a whole new approach and mindset. She can see the gaps in your process and help you quickly fill them. Shawna is not in this business for a headhunting fee. She builds partnerships for the long term, because she truly cares about people. If you're trying to hire more qualified team members but your current results aren't cutting it, I highly recommend working with Shawna!

Matthew Moser

Owner, Sunset Valley Construction

Shawna built us a top of the line hiring system built into a platform she recommended to us. It's seamless to use and simple to me, a person who isn’t the most technologically advanced!

The hiring system has saved us tons of time in our hiring process, but also proven to work after we got 79 applicants to a position where everyone thinks nobody is available.

She also helped bring out the best in our company and really poured her 20 years of hiring experience into it.

She also helped me as a super busy business owner be more disciplined to hire great people the proper way.

We have great people working for us that prove her work, and I highly recommend using her products and service!

Wally Adamchik

Owner, Firestarter Speaking & Consulting

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Amory Scott

Vice President, Strategic Management & Mission, Scott Bridge Company

Shawna was easy to work with and flexible to our company’s needs. She has a wide breadth of knowledge in the recruiting industry as a whole as well as the construction industry. The quality of her job posting and social media copywriting work was excellent!

Shawna always responded in a timely manner and communicated with clarity and transparency. She provided a shared project database, which was very helpful for keeping us informed on her progress. so we weren’t in the dark.

Colt McCarthy

President, Venture Drilling Supply

In the past, most of the hiring burden fell on me as the president and owner. When we needed to add or replace employees, I felt overwhelmed knowing the capacity I would need to give up to help our team. I knew I needed to equip my team to participate in the process, but I didn't have much to pass on.

Shawna helped us build the foundation for our hiring and recruiting process and trained our team on how to execute it. It's still challenging to find the right candidate, but I know we are doing all the right things along the way as we work in our new documented process. In the end, our team has been equipped to lead the hiring process in their space. That is a huge win for Venture Drilling Supply!