Full Hiring System

The process couldn't be simpler. After a call to learn about your company and positions we will deliver a turn-key hiring system in two to three months that costs less than a full time Talent Acquisition Manager and about the same as 1-2 hires from a recruiting agency.


Hiring Software

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) (+$239 monthly)
  • Configured to your hiring process
  • Efficient, scalable, customized, organized workflow
  • Distributes jobs across job boards with custom links for socials and referrals
  • Custom automated emails for a positive personalized candidate experience
  • Integrated with your website 

Recruiting Interview Guide for all positions

  • Assess cultural fit for your company (values & attributes)    

General Application

  • Get proactive with a talent pipeline that grows even when you're not hiring

 Job Descriptions

  • Recruitment marketing that is unique to your company, stops the scroll, drives more people to apply, and appeals to the right people

Job-Specific Digital Prescreens

  • Automated knock-outs for must-haves plus capture of nice-to-haves to help with ranking

Social Recruitment Marketing Copy

  • Promote your company's culture and job opportunities outside of job boards and in between open jobs

Job-Specific Interview Guides

  • Behavioral-based to prove past performance, minimize assumptions, assess values and attributes, and minimize bad hires and turnover

Shared virtual workspace for collaboration and full visibility

Embed in Process and/or Train / Hand Off

Long-Lasting Benefits

Efficiency (volume & speed)

  • All of your openings are being seen by more people
  • You have more people applying for your jobs
  • Your system is automatically screening out the wrong people, saving you time
  • Your system is capturing, organizing, tracking, and communicating with people, allowing you to move quickly
  • You've moved from reactive to proactive hiring
  • Your system is doing much of the work so you can scale your hiring efforts


  • Your opportunities (job postings) are attractive and unique
  • You're continually building a database of future hires that remain interested because your system is communicating with everybody, providing a positive experience whether they move forward or not
  • Your interviews are giving you confidence in your hiring decisions
  • You're making the right hires
  • You can bid on more projects
  • You have reduced employee turnover
  • Your team is culturally aligned on values and attributes


  • You're paying less overtime, and your team isn't being overworked
  • You're dealing with less rework, repairs, and accidents
  • And you only paid ONCE - for the WHOLE SYSTEM - which costs less than a full time Talent Acquisition Manager or about the SAME as 1-2 hires from a Recruiting agency (plus $239/month for an ATS)